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Extra 200 kg payload for L410 UVP-E

Its not difficult to imagine the benefits of being able to add 200Kg to any small Turbo-Prop aircraft’s authorised Maximum Take Off Weight. One of the added advantages included in using the Aeroservis STC that authorises the installation of PT6A-42 engines, is the increase of the Maximum Take-off Weight from 6400kg to 6600kg, in the… Continue reading Extra 200 kg payload for L410 UVP-E

PT6A-42 in L 410

AEROSERVIS Design Department is currently working on most complex project in its history: replacement of M601E engines on L 410 UVP-E and L 410 UVP-E20 by Pratt&Whitney Canada PT6A-42 engine This is not first time, when PT6 engine is associated with the L 410 aircraft. In late sixties, when L 410 was developed and certified,… Continue reading PT6A-42 in L 410

Project “Glass Cockpit for L 410”

One of L 410 advantages is its reliability; however, as proven by experiences of many operators, if there is an occurrence of a technical problem, not allowing dispatch the aircraft, then a frequent cause is avionics problem. The history of L 410 avionics has been affected by origin of aircraft itself, as well as aftermarket… Continue reading Project “Glass Cockpit for L 410”