About us

Aeroservis s.r.o. is a company with more than 20-year experience in airplane maintenance, repairs and spare parts support. Our main focus is the LET L 410 series aircraft.

Thanks to the Design Organisation Approval, we can offer not only maintenance, but modifications to aircraft to address both new regulatory requirement and customer’s needs.

Under our Production organisation approval, we are capable to produce parts then used for repairs and modifications.

Our affiliated company is VAN AIR Europe, an AOC holder and CAMO.


Aircraft Maintenance

EASA Part-145 approved maintenance organisation (CZ.145.0007)

  • Line and base maintenance of LET L 410 series aircraft
  • L 410 landing gear maintenance and repairs
  • Other aircraft components maintenance, see Capability List
  • Avionics installations into aircraft without type restriction


EASA Part-21J Design Organisation (DOA) (EASA.21J.094)

  • Design of major (STC) and minor changes to type design relating to avionics, systems and structures of airplanes

For more information see: Design Services


EASA Part-21G Production Organisation (POA) (CZ.21G.050)

  • Production of parts for modifications designed by own or third party DOA


Slovenian Air Force

Maintenance and modifications of L 410 aircraft

Silver Air

Maintenance and modifications of L 410 fleet

Icar air

Maintenance and modifications of L 410 fleet

Van Air Europe

Maintenance and modifications of L 410 fleet

Aircraft Industries (LET)

Modifications of L 410 aircraft

TOMARK, s.r.o.

Modifications of Viper Viper SD-4 RTC / Viper SD-4 Night-VFR aircrafts

And others