Extra 200 kg payload for L410 UVP-E

Its not difficult to imagine the benefits of being able to add 200Kg to any small Turbo-Prop aircraft’s authorised Maximum Take Off Weight.

One of the added advantages included in using the Aeroservis STC that authorises the installation of PT6A-42 engines, is the increase of the Maximum Take-off Weight from 6400kg to 6600kg, in the case of L 410 UVP-E aircraft.

However, there may be operators of UVP-E aircraft not yet ready to take the step to reengine their aircraft with PT6A-42 engines, but still need to increase the MTOW. To meet the needs of operators in this category, Aeroservis has been the holder of an STC to increase the MTOW in respect to UVP-E aircraft from 6400kg to 6600kg.

This advantage is available to the many operators who have UVP-E aircraft in their fleet.

This project is approved under EASA STC No. 10070153.

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