EASA Part-21J Design Organisation (DOA) (EASA.21J.094)

  • Design of major (STC) and minor changes to type design relating to avionics, systems and structures of airplanes

Aeroservis design organization has developed more than 200 major (STC) and minor changes eligible for many aircraft types. For example SAAB 340; L410; L420; Partenavia P68.B / Vulcanair P.68B; L200 Morava; L-40 Meta Sokol; Zlin 26 series; Zlin 42/43 series; Cessna 150/170 series; Cirrus SR20/22; PZL-104 Wilga; Viper SD-4 RTC / Viper SD-4 Night-VFR and others.

Examples of certified design changes:

Type Code Description Aircrafts
STC STC AE/090 Safety modifications to L410 UVP E/E9 L410 UVP E/E9
STC STC AE/113 Safety modifications to L410 UVP L410 UVP
STC STC AE/118 Installation of Genesys IDU-450 EFIS Suite L410 UVP E/E20
STC STC AE/130 Installation of PWC PT6A-42 engine and Avia AV-725 propeller L410 UVP E/E20
STC STC AE/153 Introduction of Enhanced Surveillance to existing Mode S Transponder L410 UVP E/E9/E20
STC STC AE/162 TCAS II upgrade to version 7.1 L410 UVP E/E9/E20
STC STC AE/164 Replacement of original electric fuel booster pump by BP-DCA-06 pump L410 UVP E/E9/E20
Minor change NZ AE/167 Replacement of original hydraulic pump by Parker hydraulic pump to M601’ powered L 410 L410 UVP E/E9/E20
STC STC AE/177 Installation of Garmin GTN725 as TAWS A and PBN navigation source L410 UVP E/E9/E20
STC STC AE/184 Installation of MST 70B Mode S Transponder with ADS-B out L410 UVP E/E20
STC STC AE/187 Increase of MTOW (from 6400kg to 6600 kg) L410 UVP E
Minor change NZ AE/202 Installation of Garmin GTN 650 NAV/COM/GPS L410 UVP E/E20