Terms of Approval

Regulation, while difficult to argue against from a safety perspective, may, by some, be perceived to result in unwanted delays and lengthy processes.

Be that as it may, the allocation of privileges, can, in accordance with the provisions of Part 21, (and with the required oversight), maintain the industry required level of safety on the one hand, while reducing any perceived delays, on the other hand.

In the light of the above, the Aeroservis Design Department was delighted to have recently been entrusted with wider privileges, resulting in more efficient abilities relating to the preparation and the planning of flight tests. Our Design Department is now, in accordance with the provisions of Part 21, authorised to approve conditions in terms of which a permit to fly may be issued, and to then issue a permit to fly, in situations related to development and certification work.

This is a significant milestone for Aeroservis, since it evidences the level of maturity the Design Department has achieved, and shows the positive way Aeroservis is viewed by the Authority. Moreover, on a more practical level, it can be said that this authorisation will allow for more efficient preparation and planning of flight tests, while still maintaining the desireable level of safety.

Dedication leads to excellence.