More available spare parts for the main landing gear of L410

What are the options open to an operator when a relatively small part, that is not readily available, results in the aircraft effectively being grounded?
The case in point, is the rear hinge of the L410 Main Landing Gear. The functioning surfaces of this hinge are subject to corrosion and to wear, which necessitates the replacement of associated parts. However, the original spare parts are not generally and readily available in the market and the lead time offered by the original manufacturer is prohibitively long.
In response to the problem, last month, Aeroservis obtained an STC to change the rear hinge. The STC is applicable to the following model aircraft: L410 UVP-E, L410 UVP-E-LW, L410 UVP-E9, L410 UVP-E20, L410 UVP-E20 Cargo, L420.
The new hinge has been designed to address corrosion issues, and even if the hinge does somehow suffer corrosion or wear, it is more likely repairable without the need of replacing. Even if the need for replacement may arise, lead time and availability issues have also been addressed.

This project is approved under EASA STC No. 10078716.

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